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Find and add your JSON credentials

Now that you've created your Google Cloud project and added the right APIs, you'll need to create credentials in order to connect your domain to FlashSERP.

Those credentials will ensure that your project is protected from unauthorised access while allowing your domain to interact with your external resources seamlessly. So, let's get started on creating those credentials and take your project to the next level!

Find the credentials section

FlashSERP Google Cloud project credentials

Click on the top left burger menu and head over to APIs & Services > Credentials.

On this page you'll be able to manage, monitor and create your API credentials linked to your Google Cloud project.

Create a Service Account

FlashSERP Google Cloud project create Service Account

In order to access FlashSERP and unleash the full potential of it, you'll need to create Service Account API credentials to grant us access to your project and thus manage your domain.

Hence how to create your Service Account?

  1. First, head over to the Credentials page if it's not already the case

  2. Then click on the "CREATE CREDENTIALS" blue button

  3. And select "Service Account"

What's a Service Account?
It's essentially a virtual identity that can be used by applications, virtual machines, and other entities to access resources in Google Cloud, such as Compute Engine instances, Cloud Storage buckets, or BigQuery datasets.

Now you'll need to fill in all the required information (we highly recommend to also fill the optional fields, it could be helpful if you have multiple credentials).

Service account details

In order to create Service Account credentials, the following fields will be requested in the first section, let's look at what they are:

  • Service account name: The name of your Service Account, pretty straight forward.

  • Service account ID: The ID of your Service Account (email address format), a unique identifier that is used to represent a specific service account within a project, and it is used in conjunction with a Service Account Key.

  • Service account description: The description of your Service Account, use it to define to what extend this specific account is going to be used for.

FlashSERP Google Cloud project service account details

Once good to go, click on the "DONE" blue button. Congrats! 🎉

Recover your JSON credentials

FlashSERP Google Cloud project create JSON key

Now that you've created your Service Account, it's time to generate and recover the key credentials that'll need in order to connect your domain to FlashSERP.

Create a new key

You'll see, it's pretty simple:

  1. Click on the "KEYS" tab

  2. Click on "ADD KEY" and then "Create new key"

  3. When prompted, select "JSON" as a key type and click "CREATE"

  4. A .json file named after your project should start downloading, congrats!

This file contains all the necessary information for an application or service to get access to your Google Cloud project ressources, make sure to keep it safely somewhere!

Verify the key

If you open your freshly created .json file, you should see something like:

  "type": "service_account",
  "project_id": "flashserp-xxxxxxxx",
  "private_key_id": "xxxxxxxxx[...]xxxxxxxxx",
  "private_key": "--BEGIN PRIVATE KEY--\n[...]\n--END PRIVATE KEY--\n",
  "client_email": "flashserp-indexing@xxxxx[...]",
  "client_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "auth_uri": "",
  "token_uri": "",
  "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "[...]",
  "client_x509_cert_url": "[...].com"

Make sure to have the right format as shown here, if you don't have the same, you might have generated the wrong key type or credential type (service account, API key, etc...).

Add the key in FlashSERP

Almost there! Now that you've got everything, it's time to input your key in FlashSERP.

FlashSERP add JSON credentials

Upon creating your account and adding your first domain, we'll ask you either to upload your JSON file or to copy/paste the content in the designated area (as shown on the screenshot). Once done, click "Submit".

Good job!!! ⚡

Now let's head over the last implementation step, connecting your Google Search Console account to FlashSERP.

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