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28 Stupid Mistakes Sabotaging Your SEO

Discover the top mistakes that can derail your SEO and content strategy, from poor branding alignment to technical oversights. Learn what not to do and steer clear of these pitfalls to ensure your marketing efforts bolster your revenue.
Written by
Josselin Liebe
Published on
December 8, 2023
Updated on
December 8, 2023
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Effective branding and content strategies are essential for the success of any SEO campaign. However, there are critical missteps that can derail these efforts. Understanding these pitfalls is the first step towards developing a more robust strategy.



  • Not clearly defining what your brand stands for.
  • Not testing and adapting brand perceptions based on audience feedback and market changes.
  • Failing to align marketing goals, content, and messaging with established brand perceptions.


  • Trying to appeal to everyone.
  • Not highlighting what makes you different from the market.
  • Misjudging what ideal customers need.
  • Not conducting competitor analysis.


  • Not handling customers' objections.
  • Use of marketing jargon/complex language.
  • Lack of emotional aspects – no pains addressed.
  • No congruence in messaging across content.

Content Strategy


  • The target audience is not identified.
  • Using only keyword research tools to research for topics.
  • Copying what competitors do with their content.
  • No interviews with other departments & customers.
  • Not mapping content based on the buyer's journey/touchpoints.


  • Using Pure AI.
  • Not hiring top-quality writers.
  • No resources for SMEs.
  • Incoherence in writing & media style.
  • Not matching the brand's positioning.


  • No publishing consistency.
  • No resources for content distribution.
  • No active brand building & partnerships to promote content.
  • Betting only on one channel.

User Flow & Trust


  • Over-focusing on SEO.
  • No unique content angles – no innovation.
  • Quantity over quality – churning out content.
  • Weak or no internal linking strategy between content.
  • No authorship details & credentials.
  • Ignoring search console errors.
  • Retaining low-value pages.

User Intent/Experience

  • Misaligning content with user/search intent.
  • Forced placement of CTAs that harm UX.
  • Overlooking user objections.
  • Using only stock photos – not investing in unique medias.

Technical Issues

  • Slow page speed on key pages.
  • Broken site elements rendering issues.
  • Conversion tracking broken.

Acknowledging and addressing these mistakes can dramatically improve your content and SEO strategy, leading to increased engagement and revenue.

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